I’ve been meaning to write a public blog for a while (ok, several years) now, but there always seemed to be something more important/urgent/fun to do so I never got around to it.

Having found out recently that my VMware vExpert status has been renewed for 2016 (Huge thanks guys!) I figured there really was no excuse not to and finally got off my behind to start up this site. I’m hoping to regularly update with code snippets and ramblings which I’m hoping other IT professionals will find useful – especially if working with VMware products in the service provider industry.

So why ‘kiwicloud.ninja’ ? Well, I work in the Cloud / Service Provider industry in New Zealand (so kiwicloud), and only found that the .ninja TLD was available when hunting around to register a DNS name for the site and thought it looked like fun – nothing more than that!

As always, the views and opinions expressed on this site reflect my own and not those of my employer (no, I’m not going to mention them here, but anyone who wants to will find them anyway).

Regards, Jon.

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